Frank Steiner, Jr. – Touching Silk (2004)



Genre:New Age
Format:Ape + Cue / MP3 @ 320 Kbps
Size:Ape – 340 Mb / MP3 – 140 Mb

As in Frank Steiner, Jr.’s successful I Ching Symphony, Touching Silk is a lavish production. Balanced with dynamic rhythms and exquisitely poetic passages, this is music on a grand scale, filled with exotic sounds spanning the horizon from east to west. Touching Silk is a joyful cleanser, a break from our sometimes harsh world into one that is rich in fantasy and beauty… ~


01. Ajala
02. Indira’s Chant
03. Rainbow
04. Beyond the Horizon
05. Bells of Himalaya
06. Lung Ta
07. Roaming with the Whales
08. Touching Silk
09. Luna
10. Akash

mp3 @ 320 Kbps:

ape: | | |

pass: E.T.


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